Mosaique can bring new life to your memories, treasured stories, and photographs, adding a beautiful element to your home and garden. Using traditional tiles, glass, old china, beads and jewelry, a Mosaique design begins with fragments, forms patterns and textures, may incorporate photographs, and evolves into a scene, a vision, a feeling.


All creations are unique and original and made for use indoors or out. Functional items, such as trays and trivets, can be designed with your color scheme and are impervious to spills.  Decorative items and installations such as furniture, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes or wall art can begin with your story and personal momentos and become an heirloom mosaic or can be created based on a new idea or design.



The art of heirloom mosaics.

Traditional mosaics use materials such as ceramic tesserae, semiprecious stones, vitreous glass, broken china and pebbles.


In addition to creating these mosaics in intricate and beautiful patterns, Mosaique uses your photographs, momentos, hand-me-downs and inheritances from the attic. The wonder of mosaic art is its inherent ability to use what seems natural to discard.


Old coffee mugs. Odd dishes and glass. Seashells and seaglass collections. Jewelry...these can all be reborn as mosaic art. On small or large pieces...a wrought iron side table, a trivet or wall hanging, [should link to the phosaique page] a tray, or on a fireplace surround or backsplash.


Heirloom mosaics take something that has lost its function from when it was whole or "new" and gives it another life. An artistic way to recycle, it allows us to savor the feeling of creating something new from something old.


Don't throw it out – we'll show you how it can have another life. Heirloom mosaics keep memories alive – recycling your family’s treasures to last a lifetime.



How do you get started?

Perhaps you have the last teacup of your grandmother’s china. Maybe a favorite trinket fell on the floor and broke in pieces, or you have only one earring of a treasured pair.


Rather than keeping those things stored in the back of the china closet or jewelry box, unwilling to throw them away, Mosaique will help you reinvent the memory in a vase, mirror or tray. Contact Shelley at Mosaique to discuss design ideas.



Are there any ready-made Mosaique Designs?

Although most Mosaique creations are commissioned, there are ready-made trays, trivets, boxes and mirrors that can be purchased for gifts. 


Mosaics sound like fun – can anyone do it?

Absolutely! Mosaique will be happy to conduct workshops introducing you to this fabulous art form. Add some hors d’oeuvres and refreshments and good friends – you’ve got a party!!!


Shelley Dane's Mosaique combines her love of patterns and color with her desire to reinvent the world around her while preserving treasured memories.




Shelley’s mosaic story begins.

While living in Bucharest, Romania, Shelley became enthralled with the vibrancy of the craftwork of this beautiful Eastern European country. She learned the art of mosaics and it was there that Mosaique was born. Her work is unique, with rich, deep natural colors,  imbued with the cultures of three continents.


Once a professional dancer, Shelley has lived on three continents, founded and run a thriving fitness business, taught school in West Africa, worked as a choreographer and dance instructor, interior designer and seamstress, and reconditioned children's furniture. Her life and story are the ultimate mosaic.