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Backsplash custom mosaic

Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is best known as an ancient art form. It has adorned the villas and gardens of the world for centuries. Mosaique Designs will work with you to modernize the art form for your home and table.

rose garden mosaic vase

Memories as Inspiration

The inspiration for Shelley’s mosaics has always come from memories — pictures, places she has visited, family treasures. One of the first pieces Shelley made was a vase for her sister-in-law. She had an old, dusty clay vase and was moved to transform it into an heirloom mosaic when she found a chipped teacup (that belonged to her mother-in-law) in her china cabinet. The result — this beautiful heirloom vase that will always evoke warm, wonderful thoughts. The art of heirloom mosaics was born.

red flower mosaic tray

Heirloom Mosaics

Broken dishes, jewelry, or chipped wine glasses can always be transformed into a beautiful new memory. In 2014, Shelley was commissioned to take a broken dish and, along with glass in the colors of the kitchen, create a serving tray. “Red Flower” was the result. A functional piece for entertaining, an heirloom tray, and a piece of art.

paradise mosaic tray

Trays as Functional Art

Shelley’s passion has now become creating trays that serve as a functional piece of art for your home. The trays are ungrouted so they are not too heavy to carry and are sealed with a durable resin that can be washed with dish soap and water. This recent commission, “Paradise,” was created for a hostess that, as an expression of thanks, invited a family to spend the week with her in Costa Rica. This acrylic tray is functional, beautiful, and will always evoke the memory of that week.

Shelley Dane

Meet the Artist

Shelley Dane is a mosaic artist residing in Maryland.  She spent years being trained in the traditional art of mosaics while living in Bucharest, Romania.