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“The mosaic tray we commissioned as a beach house gift was gorgeous! Shelley worked with us to create a unique piece and used all the colors of the nearby sea in her beautiful wave design. We chose the acrylic tray option so it’s perfect for serving cocktails on the deck or snacks at the pool. Our friends store the tray on a sunny window sill where it doubles as a beautiful piece of art. We couldn’t be more pleased with our whole Mosaique experience.”

Elizabeth S.

“I received from my family a gorgeous tray that was designed and created by Shelley. The colors are vibrant and the blue/green mosaic will look especially beautiful outdoors during the warmer months. Honestly, the tray is really a piece of art that could stand alone. However, its size and durability will be perfect for serving drinks and food. I look forward to  using this special tray for many years to come.”

Beth L.

“I love to entertain in my garden and am always looking for practical and artistic ways to serve food and drink.  When I saw Mosaique’s gorgeous pieces embedded with jewel toned glass, I commissioned a large tray with an abstract leaf pattern to reflect the hues of sunlight and the seasons which I love.  Shelley named it ‘A New Leaf’ and when not in use, it is on display as it captures what I love about my garden and the many happy gatherings there.”

Shannon R.

“I received one of your beautiful mosaic trays as a wedding gift. My friend knew how much I love supporting locally handmade artisans. It’s so colorful and wonderfully made. I love to entertain and all the colors reflect my personality in my home. I display it in my kitchen and use it every day. Thank you for being so creative.”

Jeannette L.

“After receiving one of Shelley’s beautiful trays from friends as a hostess gift for a getaway at our beach house, I just knew Shelley was the perfect person to go to! The tray with its unique design, not only can be used as a serving piece, it is truly a piece of art depicting a beautiful and colorful portrayal of the sea. This gift inspired me to find a unique tray for a young couple for their wedding and Mosaique Designs was the perfect destination. The bride and groom were so excited to receive something so unique. The fact that the tray had been made incorporating different types of colorful legumes, giving it a Southwestern vibe, and their love for that type of cuisine, they could not have been more pleased and could not wait to use it. I will definitely be shopping at Mosaique Designs in the future!!”

Georgia J.

“I have purchased seven beautiful trays from Mosaique. They are exceptionally artistic and I have framed two of them to use as wall hangings. I have also given several as gifts. These were designed by Shelley with the receiver in mind and were greatly appreciated.”

Sydney H.