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custom mosaic trays

Commission a Custom Tray

Custom mosaic trays make for wonderfully personal gifts that embody special memories of people, places, and objects. Each custom tray includes a signature shiva shell. All trays include free shipping to continental U.S. Trays are available in three sizes and four colors.

Tray Sizes

  • 12" x 12" tray

    12″ x 12″

  • 14" x 18" tray

    14″ x 18″

  • 18" round tray

    18″ Round

Tray Colors

  • acrylic tray


  • white lacquer tray

    White Lacquer

  • silver lacquer tray

    Silver Lacquer

  • gold lacquer tray

    Gold Lacquer

Mosaic Materials

  • cut glass

    Cut Glass

  • precut tiles

    Precut Tiles

  • legumes


Custom Mosaic Tray Pricing

Tray SizeCut GlassPrecut Tiles / Legumes
12″ x 12″$195$145
14″ x 18″$275$175
18″ Round$295$225

Commission a Custom Mosaic Tray


  • a new leaf mosaic tray

    “A New Leaf”

    Acrylic 12″ x 12″ Cut Glass
    Birthday Gift

  • tides mosaic tray


    White 14″ x 18″ Cut Glass
    Hostess Gift

  • spiral mosaic tray


    Acrylic 18″ Round Cut Glass
    Housewarming Gift

  • red flower mosaic tray

    “Red Flower”

    This tray was commissioned to be used in a newly renovated kitchen.

  • purple passion mosaic tray

    Purple Passion

    The customer supplied this white tray to be used for a present to herself. lt is now in her house as a wall hanging.

  • paradise mosaic tray


    Acrylic 14″ x 18″ Cut Glass
    Hostess Gift

  • amalfi mosaic tray


    Acrylic 14″ x 18″ Cut Glass
    Hostess Gift

  • cheval mosaic tray


    Gold Lacquer 12″ x 12″ Cut Glass

  • autumn leaves mosaic tray

    “Autumn Leaves”

    Acrylic 14″ x 18″ Cut Glass
    Housewarming Gift

  • “Flying WV”
    Acrylic 14″x18″ Cut Glass

    Gift for a West Virginia University Alumna

  • “Sunset Sail”
    Acrylic 12″x12″ Cut Glass

    Wedding gift

  • “Ocean”

    Acrylic 14″x18″ Cut glass
    Wedding Gift

  • “Fleures de Karina”
    Acacia Wood 12″x18″ Cut Glass

    Birthday and Mother’s Day Gift

“Honestly, the tray is really a piece of art that could stand alone. I look forward to using this special tray for many years to come.”

Beth L.
the process

The Process

A commissioned tray involves a meticulous sketch, intricately cutting each tesserae and the securing of each piece of glass or tile with glue, so the design is completed accurately.

Shelley Dane

Meet the Artist

Shelley Dane is a mosaic artist residing in Maryland.  She spent years being trained in the traditional art of mosaics while living in Bucharest, Romania.